Preparing for your Hospital Birth

Full Day $695.00

We’re here to help manage your expectations of what can happen upon arrival, navigate routine hospital procedures and work with the many hospital interventions. We’ll explore pain relief options without judgement and add to your tool kit of options, a fun, engaging, open and honest day together.

Are you planning to give birth within the hospital system?

Does the decision to give birth in hospital provide you with a feeling of safety?

Are you also questioning what might happen to you as you labour and perhaps how you might cope with this new environment, complex system and unknown staff members?

Giving birth is a deeply personal, emotional, transforming experience that is either well supported or highly disrupted and influenced by your chosen place of birth.

Our day together will provide you with useful tools to step into your power as a birthing woman. We’ll give you practical tools and tips to slow down decision making so you feel in control of what happens to you and around you as you prepare to meet your baby.

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The booking fee is for the birthing woman and who ever the additional support person is on the day. ($695.00 for 2 people)
You only need to enter in the details of the birthing woman when securing the booking on the table above with 1 email address.
You will receive 2 intake forms upon booking: 1 for the birthing woman and 1 for the additional person attending the course. If you are bringing more than 1 support person please notify us so we can make arrangements.

Anywhere between 25 – 35 weeks of pregnancy, but you can attend at any stage of pregnancy that you wish.

6 hours, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, we ask that all participants arrive 15 mins early as we need to start on time to ensure all content is covered.

Absolutely – our 2020 birth statistics show that 79% of mothers who laboured chose pain relief. Our course covers expectations of pain in childbirth along with an overview of common interventions including epidural

Absolutely, we will cover the language used to describe natural birth, what it is and how you can increase your chances of achieving one.

Absolutely, You will gain foundational information on normal physiological labour and birth during this class. When we discuss our when to go to hospital topic this can be considered as preparing for a hospital transfer should this be a birth challenge you are faced with. Our Intake form will ask where you are planning to birth your baby so we can be aware of any participants planning to birth at home.

No, we would recommend doing a private class with us, or connecting in with the freebirth communities in your area. Facebook has a wonderful community called Wild Pregnancy and Freebrith Australia.

It is totally up to you, we’d encourage you to bring a friend, or birthing partner to support you and to work with for any partnered hands on demonstrations that you may wish to participate in.

Absolutely, all of our language is supportive of all partners. We have a comprehensive intake form to ensure we have as much information about each participant and who they are bringing with them to avoid any assumptions.

Absolutely, all hospitals have their own policies and preferred methods of facilitating women to birth as do Obstetricians. We encourage you to work with your Maternal Health Providers (Independent midwife, caseload program Midwife, Unknown Midwives, hospital assigned OB’s and private OB) on all areas of your Birth preparation Our class is an independent offering relying on evidence based content rather than specific hospital policies to give you as much information to enable you to make your informed decisions surrounding the care you wish to receive.

No, however, we do recommend they do attend, it puts a lot of pressure on you to relay all of the content to them at a later stage if they are unable to make it on the day. If your partner does not want to attend or is unable to attend you can bring a friend or family member instead to support you on the day at no extra charge.

Unfortunately not, this fee is used to cover room hire costs, administration and catering. You may postpone your class to the following class if space allows. Please talk to us directly if you would like to change your booking date prior to 7 days before the class commencement.

Yes, We do cover breastfeeding and some alternatives; however this is a very limited topic for the 1 day course. If Breastfeeding is of particular interest to you we recommend you watch our Breastfeeding & Feeding Your baby video.

Our class provides a workbook, pens and light refreshments. Please bring your own lunch or feel free to purchase lunch locally. We will pause for approximately 30 minutes to allow time for lunch.
Please also feel free to bring your own pillow or cushion if you are struggling to sit for long hours, we will have alternative seating options but cannot always accommodate all levels of comfort required.

No, however we will provide light refreshments throughout the day. There are lots of lunch options within walking distance, or you may bring your own lunch. We will ask for your dietary requirements on the intake form to ensure light refreshments are appropriate for all participants.

Yes, if your student midwife or Doula would like to attend with you and your partner there is a small $50 fee.

Absolutely your +1 can be anyone you like, an additional fee is only charged per head if you come as a group of 3 or more


To attend the Preparing for your Hospital Birth Class please complete this form 48 hours prior to class commencement – Thank you, and we look forward to meeting you in class!

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