Award winning Birth Photographers

Capturing birth in it’s raw honest form helps to reduce fear about birth and celebrates you in all of your power! 

Birth-ed with Bree (Melbourne, VIC)

Birth Doula, Birth Photography, VBAC Support & Educator

Documenting your birthing journey has fast become my favourite thing to offer my clients alongside my doula support. Nothing else compares to watching a woman move mountains with her own self, watching her rise to a challenge and meet the moment with all that she has.

Lacey Barratt ( Melbourne, VIC)

Birth Photography, Videographer, Virtual Doula & Educator
0451 174 631

Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial, powerful, unapologetic images, promoting women’s rights, but she has also cemented herself as one of this country’s most talented and outspoken birth photographers. Lacey leads the internationally acclaimed Birth Photographer of the year panel and works internationally celebrating women in all of their glory.  

Nadia Taylor (Toowoomba QLD)

Birth Mapping, Birth Photography, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Beer & Bubs facilitator
0468 422 642

After my youngest was born, I realised I would have loved to have hired someone to capture the priceless moments of my unique labours and births. I took a birth photography course, so that my clients could look back on and remember what their body accomplished and the beautiful moments when they met their children for the first time. Since my birth photography journey started, I am now proud to say I am an award winning birth photographer!