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Your birth experience is heavily influenced by your core belief system, culture, birthing environment and birth choices. Preparing for this transforming life event is vital for the overall wellness, for you, your baby, and everyone fully present.

Doula’s: They’re Bloody Awesome!

Author: Bethany Meakin March 22. 2023 A doula is trained to view birth as a normal physiological process, whilst also honouring and respecting a woman's ability to navigate her birth in her unique way, with or without medical intervention.

Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will forever hurt me…

Author: Bethany Meakin ~ What is said to a labouring woman and how it's said, can not be unheard, or taken away.

That’s not consent THIS is consent

Author: Bethany Meakin - The problem with obtaining your consent in the heat of the moment, and how respectful Maternity care should look, feel and sound

I’m yet to receive a birth plan that reads…..

Author: Bethany Meakin - If you're planning to labour and give birth in a Hospital, and you are 'hoping' to avoid unnecessary medical interventions you need to prepare to navigate the very hospital system you are willingly stepping into.

Clamping and Cutting the Umbilical Cord

Author: Bethany Meakin (LCCE) What are your options? There are many.
Waiting for labour to start

Estimated Due Date: The Great Wait

Waiting for the birth of your baby can be incredibly challenging. Here's some great tips to help you through these tricky weeks.