Bethany & Claire; Directors of Childbirth Education Australia

We’re intensely passionate about preparing you to experience a better birth. To encourage you to step up, to get involved and participate in preparing to meet your precious baby, and yourself as a parent!

“Giving birth is an unexplainable heart, mind, body, soul, connection”.
Heavily influenced by your belief system, culture and birthing environment. Preparing for this transforming life event is vital for the overall wellness, for mother, baby, and everyone fully present!

Who We Are Together

We’re Claire and Bethany , the owners and faces of Childbirth Education Australia. For more than a decade we have witnessed women step into the incredible power of their birthing bodies, make clear informed decisions that positively impact the outcome of their births, regardless of challenges they may have faced. These women are well prepared, have a solid support team and birth in a loving respectful environment.

What do you imagine giving birth will be like?
What environment do you want to create for yourself and your baby?
What decisions and choices do you feel confident in making?
How are you currently preparing?

Come and join us online or in person…

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Claire Wyborn is an absolute gem of a woman. She’s caring, generous, attentive, has an insatiable appetite for birth knowledge and has a calm and comforting presence. She’s quirky, fun with a wicked sense of humour. You’re bound to feel your confidence soar as you listen to Claire sharing her years of experience with you in an open and honest manner.

Claire stepped into the birth world after a massive change in her life, discovering the calling to Doula work after a big readjustment and has really settled where her heart has landed. Connecting with women and families as they transition into a new adventure in their lives and supporting them gently during the first few months is such fulfilling work.

She’s a mother to 3 incredible grown up children, 1 heavenly baby, 2 grandchildren and another grand-baby on the way. Claire’s other passions outside of her beautiful family and birth work are craft – specifically quilting, sewing and all things food. She has a very green thumb and a passion for turning her produce into yummy food – notably her chillies and artichokes.

Claire has been supporting families as a doula for 14 years, is an Internationally certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator and has attended countless courses over the years including but not limited to Spinning babiesEat Pray Doula, and Doula Conference. Claire is incredibly proud of having had her personal birth story published in The Journal of Perinatal Education, which was later expanded and printed titled “What Birth has taught Me”.

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If you would like to connect
with Bethany you can reach her here


Bethany is a dedicated and enthusiastic woman,  generous and passionate about genuine connections and friendship. An attentive listener who always has the perfect response. With a gentle approach she is very easy to trust and you easily feel safe in her presence. A delight to be around and constantly has a cheeky and uplifting attitude about life. She has an inquiring mind and a desire for answers and understanding.
Bethany is a loving mother to 3 adorable daughters, very aware of raising them with a balanced approach to life with plenty of humour and fun in the mix.
Bethany lived abroad for 12 years travelling carefree and exploring the world. Her big suited career at the time left her burnt out and searching for something more meaningful. She attended her first doula training in North America early 2008, mid course discovered she was pregnant with her first child, this pivoted her life from America to Australia to be close to family.

Bethany has supported many women and families in her role as birth worker, Doula and Childbirth Educator.
Her wise words of encouragement, her wealth of knowledge and intuition has assisted many women achieve wonderful birth outcomes.
Bethany is an Internationally Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Birth Hypnosis Practitioner and has dipped her toes into the gentle loving world of Reiki. In 2018 Bethany was awarded Australian Doula of the Year by her peers.

“We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you”

We have a deep respect for the emotional challenges birthing woman are facing in our medicalised hospital system.
We understand the enormous pressure and effort to prepare for a positive birthing experience.
We’re here to support and guide you along the way, so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby.