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Rowena has a background in nursing and midwifery before becoming an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2010 after falling in love with supporting mothers to have a better breastfeeding experience.  Her passion lies in sharing information in a way that is ‘no nonsense’ and relevant.

A mother to three young daughters, Rowena has experienced the ups and downs of breastfeeding firsthand.  She has a private practice in Melbourne and is the Lactation Expert with ‘Parents You’ve Got This’, sharing important information via Insta-live sessions and face to face classes.   Rowena is the author of ‘Born to Breastfeed – the first six weeks and beyond’ and has published breastfeeding articles articles in parenting magazines (The Natural Parent Magazine & Nurture Parenting) as well as online. (  

Rowena has shared many clients with Bethany and Claire over the years and is so excited to have been invited to be part of Childbirth Education Australia.

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FREE Breastfeeding Support Videos

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