Group Childbirth Classes

A wonderful day for connection, interaction, participation and practise with lots of hands on props and demonstrations.

Our group class offers time for individual reflection and discussion through activities and games.
We look forward to meeting you in class!

Group Childbirth Classes Melbourne

Preparing for your Hospital Birth

Full Day $695.00

We’re here to help manage your expectations of what can happen upon arrival, navigate routine hospital procedures and work with the many hospital interventions. We’ll explore pain relief options without judgement and add to your tool kit of options, a fun, engaging, open and honest day together.

Unpacking 'The Birth Plan'

Half Day $355.00

“It’s not the Plan that’s important, it’s the Planning!” We know that you cannot ‘plan’ for birth, but you can be better prepared. Our class explores what a positive birth might look like (honouring that we each have a different idea of this). Together we explore, how labour might start, the cascade of interventions, birth challenges and lots more. If you’re serious about preparing for birth this course is for you!

Improving your chances of a ‘Natural Birth’

Full Day $695.00

Do you want to give yourself the best chance of experiencing a ‘Natural Birth? In this class we will clarify the difference between a vaginal birth, and a physiological birth so you can work towards what you are deeply connecting with. Achieving a physiological labour is a challenge in our highly medicalised and interrupted birthing systems. We will explore non-medical coping techniques, learn how to protect and support your birthing hormones and support your expectations of pain.

Group Class Interest

If you are interested in any of our group classes please get in touch here

Antenatal Classes - Melbourne Now Available

Antenatal Classes – Sydney – COMING SOON
Antenatal Classes – Central Coast – COMING SOON
Antenatal Classes – Brisbane – COMING SOON
Antenatal Classes – Adelaide – COMING SOON
Antenatal Classes – Perth – COMING SOON
Antenatal Classes – Tasmania – COMING SOON

If you are outside of Melbourne and keen for a Group Class please let us know via our group class enquiry form and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) in your nearest city. If you live in a rural setting we have virtual classes available.