Doula’s: They’re Bloody Awesome!

Author: Bethany Meakin March 22. 2023 A doula is trained to view birth as a normal physiological process, whilst also honouring and respecting a woman’s ability to navigate her birth in her unique way, with or without medical intervention.
March 22, 2023

Skilled Hands, Open Hearts, Calm Presence

Sometimes women birth without the need for a trusted hand to hold, an encouraging word or reassuring eyes to lock onto. Other women are surrounded by love, touch, vocal encouragement and wisdom.

A doula is trained to view birth as a normal physiological process, a unique and deeply personal experience for every woman and child. A monumental day in the transition from pregnancy to eye gazing.

Doulas DO NOT investigate if your cervix is opening, they observe you as a whole 'story.'

Doulas are trained to trust the birthing woman and to respect the intuitive hidden work of the unborn baby, the little being trying to make their way into the world. Doulas know the power in building meaningful relationships and are trained to actively listen.
They observe your sounds and effort, the smell of your breath, the alertness of your eyes, they listen to your conversation, whispers, or the calls for help. They rely on intuition, instincts and the relationship they have made with you to guide them through along side you.
Women are capable of birthing their babies without the support of a trained medical supervisor, however, our medicalised culture has swayed our birth beliefs, heavily impacting the way we view our bodies, connect to our bodies, the trust or lack of trust in our intuition and the reliance upon an outside expert.

Many start pregnancy with an early test – to pee on a stick to confirm a pregnancy that is there doing all the right things and over time would have communicated with us that a new little life was growing inside, breasts enlarge, menstrual cycles are missed and a swelling belly. Pregnancy in the ‘olden days’ was a game of patience and observation

In honour of all of the doulas

We’d like to wish you a wonderful International Doula Week 22nd – 27th March 2023.

We celebrate you, the monumental effort to hold space for women and their families, the belief you have in women’s ability to birth their babies, even in the incredibly challenging hospital settings that often overshadow the natural birth process.

The hands you hold, the hearts you protect, the traumatic events that you witness, process and work through, for all of the joy that you are privileged to bear witness to

– Today (and all week) We Celebrate You –

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