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Terms and Conditions of Purchase for ONLINE content. Including all videos, workbooks, resources and references.

In agreeing to purchase any or all of our videos, workbooks, resources and references created by Childbirth Education Australia Pty Ltd you acknowledge that we are not a medical service and we do not provide medical advice. We do not train anyone in clinical medical practice. The information included in our Course’s Videos, Workbooks, material, either text, video or audio is for informational and general educational purposes only. We are not responsible for how you navigate your medical care. This information does not replace the care of a medical professional, or your Maternal Health Provider (MHP). If you have any concerns for yourself, your unborn baby, or your newborn baby, please seek the advice of a qualified medical health professional.
Childbirth Education Australia Pty Ltd provides general information for education purposes and does not replace medical advice from your Doctor, Midwife or Obstetrician. Childbirth Education Australia Pty Ltd has taken every effort to ensure that our content is accurate and relevant. Childbirth Education Australia Pty Ltd and the creators of these videos accept no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage caused or thought to be caused by you making decisions based upon the content of these videos, and recommend that you use this information alongside other trusted sources.
Childbirth Education Australia Pty Ltd respects the sensitivity topics discussed in this course. We do discuss: IVF challenges, Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, Termination, Still Birth, Birth Trauma, Challenging births, Newborn injury, Obstetric Violence and Mental Health.