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Preparing to meet your baby?

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Childbirth is an unexplainable heart, mind, body, soul connection between you and your baby. An experience that is heavily influenced by your core beliefs, your birthing culture, birthing environment, your unique story and every decision you make.

Preparing for this transforming life event is vital for the overall wellness, of you, your baby, and everyone fully present.

You deserve to feel confident in your choices, to know your options during your pregnancy and throughout your birth experience. You also deserve to feel safe, respected and loved – always!

Meet Claire & Bethany

The Founders of Childbirth Education Australia 

Claire and Bethany have a passion for bringing exceptional childbirth education to women and their families preparing to give birth at home or in hospital. 

Their wide range of topics and gentle delivery of content will leave you feeling more prepared and confident. You will expand your knowledge of the labour and birth process, birthing hormones, the cascade of interventions, coping techniques, birth challenges and loads more.  We will provide your partner with ideas of how they can assist you during labour, whilst understanding what may be physiologically, emotionally and environmentally happening during this time.  

Meeting your baby is a pivotal time in your lives, we want you to feel well-prepared, connected, courageous, powerful and remain physically and emotionally well.  

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Online Childbirth Courses

Childbirth Essentials

  • Complete in 8 hours + personal reflection time
  • 12 Videos
  • 11 Workbooks 
  • 8  Quizzes (optional)
  • Resources & References Included
  • Self Paced
Meeting your baby, and your baby meeting you.

Birth Planning

The 4 critical steps to create your ultimate Birth Plan 

  • Step 1. Communicate your ‘Birth Vision’
  • Step 2. Personal Details & Introduction
  • Step 3. Key Coping Strategies
  • Step 4. Birth Challenges 

Birth after Caesarean - VBAC COMING SOON

Are you navigating giving birth after a caesarean? Whether you’re fully focused on achieving a Vaginal Birth or intending to labour as long as you possibly can.  Are you wanting to improve your informed decision making process or choosing a repeat caesarean, wherever you’re at with your VBAC preparation  this course is for you!

“We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you”

Private 1-1 Childbirth Classes in Melbourne

Private 1-1 Class (4 hours)


Why not invite us to your home for a Private 1-1 Class? We’ll bring all the props to you and go through our content , allowing plenty of time for all of your questions in complete privacy. We can adjust the content slightly too, to suit your specific areas of interest. We recommend booking your class between 25 – 35 weeks of pregnancy.

Private 1-1 Class (6 Hours)


This is our most popular 1-1 Class. 6 hours gives you plenty of time to explore all of the content that is important to you. We’ll send you a detailed intake form so you can highlight the areas that you want us to cover and we’ll create a bespoke class just for you! We’ll bring all the props and teaching tools so you can experience the full benefits of a 1-1 session.

Private 1-1 Virtual Class (4 hours)


If you can’t get to a class or you don’t feel comfortable with an educator coming to your home why not have the option of a 1-1 class online. We’ll share our screen with you, email over the workbook content specific to the topics you choose and take you and your birth partner through the content in a fun and interactive space.

Group Childbirth Classes Melbourne

Location: Brunswick

Preparing for your Hospital Birth

12 Hours (over 2 days)

We’re here to help manage your expectations of what can happen upon arrival, navigate routine hospital procedures and work with the many hospital interventions. We’ll explore pain relief options without judgement and add to your tool kit of options, a fun, engaging, open and honest day together.

Unpacking 'The Birth Plan'

4 Hours

“It’s not the Plan that’s important, it’s the Planning!” We know that you cannot ‘plan’ for birth, but you can be better prepared. Our class explores what a positive birth might look like (honouring that we each have a different idea of this). Together we explore, how labour might start, the cascade of interventions, birth challenges and lots more. If you’re serious about preparing for birth this course is for you!

Improve your chances of a ‘Natural Birth’

12 Hours (over 2 days)

Do you want to give yourself the best chance of experiencing a ‘Natural Birth? In this class we will clarify the difference between a vaginal birth, and a physiological birth so you can work towards what you are deeply connecting with. Achieving a physiological labour is a challenge in our highly medicalised and interrupted birthing systems. We will explore non-medical coping techniques, learn how to protect and support your birthing hormones and support your expectations of pain.

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Australian Birth Statistics 2009 - 2020

Hospital Birth


In 2020 96% of women chose to give birth in a hospital setting. 

No Significant changes from 2009



In 2020 37% of women birthed via caesarean surgery.

That is an increase from 31.5% in 2009

Spontaneous Labour

In 2020 42% of women experienced a spontaneous start to their labour.

That is a significant decrease from 56.1% in 2009

Pain Relief


In 2020 79% of women who laboured received analgesia. 

An increase from 75.2% in 2009 



In 2020 24% of women received  an episiotomy. 

That is a significant increase from 15.6 in 2009 

How prepared do you feel to navigate these statistics?