Melbourne Postnatal Support

In-home help with your newborn & young family - the precious fourth trimester... 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of being alone with your newborn baby?

Are you wondering how you'll manage to do it all?

 Is lack of sleep getting the better of you? 

We're here to help you!  

Our ultimate goal is that you enjoy this precious time with your family, it really is such a short period and we  know that when you are in the thick of it life can get hard. Claire and Bethany are on hand to support you through this challenging and transitional space with their gentle guidance and reliable in home support.   



Bethany & Hazel 4 months

I adore  holding a sleeping baby - I love offering them warmth, love and stillness. Knowing that your baby is safe and secure while you catch up on much needed sleep is invaluable.

I hold your baby while they are sleeping if this is what you need me to do. I encourage you to be with your baby as much as possible and support you to find a way to do this while I busy myself with the endless tasks that need doing in your home. However I do understand that we all need a break at times so knowing this is an option can be such a relief to you and your tired baby.

I am calm and upbeat, I have a truck loads of support to offer you and tried and tested methods of creating a peaceful home. I understand the struggles that many of us experience with very young children and value supporting families to find their own unique balance between chaos , laughter, love, joy and routine. We all do it differently and I am more than happy to slot in with your needs. 


Claire & 



What does Postnatal Support Cost?

We are very flexible and work together to support you in the home. We offer Postnatal packages or 'Bundles' to help you lower the hourly rate when longer term support is required.

The Break Down:

  • Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm $45 per hour 
  • Out of hours  $50 per hour
  • Over night support 11pm - 6am $350 

 The  fine print:

  • 4 hour minimum
  • 24 hour notice for cancellations
  • Additional travel time may be charged depending on location

What does Postnatal Support cover?

  • Support to get to know your newborn baby and understand their tired, hungry cues
  • Support to build your confidence in  caring for your baby,  settling, feeding,  & self care
  • Space for you to catch up on sleep 
  • light home duties
  • Running errands (travel expenses may be charged)
  • Grocery shopping & cooking/preparing  meals 
  • General tidying and home organisation