Independent Prenatal Classes in Melbourne's West   


We're here to help you

  • We see you as individuals, with different concerns, beliefs and feelings
  • We offer you evidenced based research and present up-to-date information
  • We're here to help build your confidence enabling you to have a voice in the decision-making process
  • We offer smaller Class sizes, allowing time for questions, to get involved and develop a greater understanding of the topics shared
  • We trust birth and a woman’s innate ability to give birth
  • We are not controlled by hospital guidelines, their policies or protocols
  • We're here to support you and your growing family
  • We can support you to navigate your way through the overwhelming amount of conflicting information available today 
  • Together we have over 12 years’ experience supporting women to labour and birth in public and private hospitals, birth centres and at home

Did You know?

  • Birth satisfaction is heavily influenced by how a woman is respected and made to feel during her pregnancy labour and birth
  • The experience of giving birth profoundly affects women their families and their ability to parent throughout life
  • You may be able to recall intricate details of your birth experience for decades
  • You have the choice to birth free from routine medical interventions
  • You can request a second opinion
  • Birth memories may fade, but the experience of how you were made to feel lasts a lifetime
  • You can request a change of care provider
  • You can have more than 1 support person at your birth
  • You have the right to informed consent and informed refusal, and privacy to discuss medical decisions
  • You have the right to maintain skin to skin contact with your baby even after cesarean surgery