Positive - Interactive - Tangible - Independent Childbirth Education

Positive - Interactive - Tangible - Independent Childbirth Education


 Childbirth Education Class

SATURDAY mornings 9:30 am - 12:30 pm 4 consecutive weeks Saturday 15th September - Saturday 6th October  Register your interest here

What do our Childbirth Education classes cover?

  • Class 1: Understanding normal physiological birth

    • Lamaze 6 healthy birth practices - fundamentals for pregnancy & birth

    • Exploring our birth beliefs

    • Importance of allowing labour to begin on its own

    • Understanding pre-labour & established labour

    • How do you know when to go to hospital (if birthing at home how to sink into the flow of labour)

  • Class 2: Working with the pleasure and pain of childbirth

    • Exploring the hormones during labour & birth

    • Understanding your personal perspective of birth: Fear, tension, pain cycle

    • How to "cope" in labour

    • Pleasure techniques

    • Exploring the importance of optimal positions during labour & birth

  • Class 3: Being the best support partner

    • The role of your support team - importance of continuous support

    • Doula's

    • Clarifying partner expectations

    • Informed decision making, informed consent & informed refusal

    • When birth doesn't go to plan - cascade of interventions

    • Advocating

  • Class 4 Meeting your baby

    • Your baby's first hour

    • Breast crawl, hunger cues

    • Breastfeeding, attachment & positioning

    • Baby behaviours in the early weeks, getting to know your newborn

    • Understanding your support network

    • Preparing your home, check lists

    • Postnatal planning

What does Childbirth Education cost?

 $365 (this is for 1 pregnant woman and 1 support person) If you are attending without a support person the cost is discounted to $300



Monday 1st October 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm Register your interest here

Saturday 13th October 9:30 am - 12:30 pm Register your interest here


What do our VBAC classes cover?

  • Understanding your previous cesarean

  • What to consider when planning your VBAC

  • Dispelling common myths surrounding VBAC

  • Current stats surrounding cesarean birth

  • Understanding your support network

  • Understanding your core beliefs surrounding labour & birth

  • Working with the power of labour & birth

  • Knowing your care providers

  • Decision making, informed consent & informed refusal

  • Writing your birth plan & preparing for the birth you want

What does the VBAC workshop cost?

$199  (this is for 1 pregnant woman and 1 support person) If you are attending without a support person the cost is discounted to $149 

This is a self reflection workshop,  our intention is that you leave feeling more confident in yourself, your capabilities and are acutely aware of your personal limitations and goals. 

We work hard to ensure you do not leave carrying the stories of those around you. And that the content you receive is positive, accurate and contains as many tangible light bulb moments as possible.  




BIRTH: unpredictable, powerful, emotional, beautiful, tender, transforming, intense, multilayered, complicated, simple - a magically normal life event
— Bethany Meakin LCCE

      Let's talk about: Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

  • Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a parent is a unique experience and as individual as you are.

  • Grow your confidence in decision making, immerse yourself in positive and surround yourself with caregivers who trust birth.

  • These choices can provide you with a solid foundation; enhancing your ability to discover the joy and deep satisfaction of giving birth. 

Tell me, I forget - Show me, I remember - Involve me, I understand
— Chinese Proverb
  • Our workshops will help you grow in confidence and prepare you to make informed choices surrounding your pregnancy, birth and baby.

  • Our workshops will provide you with evidence bases content that is informative, positive and tangible. 

Small class sizes - convenient city locations - flexible program

Giving birth to your baby is easier than worrying about it
— Japanese proverb