Your childbirth education classes can be taken as a single workshop or followed as a consecutive series. Each workshop is 3 hours in duration, in a small group setting (6 couples). The workshop is set up to include learning through group discussion, video’s, individual reflection and physical practice and participation. You will receive handouts and links to further learning and research to better prepare yourself for the birth that is right for you as you complete the workshop.

We look forward to meeting you in class

The swell of pregnancy

The swell of pregnancy

Class 1 Understanding physiological birth


  • Fundamentals for pregnancy & birth

  • Exploring your birth beliefs

  • Importance of allowing labour to begin on its own

  • Understanding pre-labour & established labour

  • How do you know when to go to hospital (if birthing at home how to sink into the flow of labour)

The effort of labour

The effort of labour

Class 2 Working with the pleasure & pain of childbirth


  • Exploring your hormones during labour & birth

  • Understanding your personal perspective of birth:  Fear, tension, pain cycle

  • How to "cope" in labour. what does coping look like

  • Pleasure techniques - pain relief techniques

  • Exploring the importance of optimal positions during labour & birth

A gentle hand is so reasuring

A gentle hand is so reasuring

Class 3 Being the best support partner


  • The role of your support team - importance of continuous support

  • Doula's - what are they and what do they do?

  • Clarifying partner expectations

  • Informed decision making, informed consent & informed refusal

  • When birth doesn't go to plan - cascade of interventions 

  • Advocating 

  • Birth Plan guidance

The precious first minutes

The precious first minutes

Class 4 Meeting your baby including first aid for infants*


  • Your baby’s 1st hour

  • Breast crawl, hunger cues

  • Breastfeeding, attachment & positioning 

  • Typical infant behaviours in the early weeks, getting to know your newborn

  • Understanding your support network

  • Preparing your home, check lists  

  • Postnatal planning

  • first aid for infants presented by a paramedic


The joy of  VBAC

The joy of VBAC

Class 5 Preparing to VBAC


  • Understanding your previous cesarean

  • What to consider when planning your VBAC

  • Dispelling common myths surrounding VBAC

  • Understanding your support network

  • Understanding your core beliefs surrounding labour & birth

  • Working with the power of labour & birth

  • Knowing your care providers

  • Decision making, informed consent & informed refusal

  • Writing your birth plan & preparing for the birth you want