Lamaze Prenatal Classes - In Melbourne


Human behaviour flows from three main sources; desire, emotion & knowledge - Plato

Why Choose Lamaze Independent Childbirth Education?

We are not restricted by hospital guidelines their policies or protocols. We offer you evidenced based research and present up-to-date information.   We help you to understand the medical jargon relating to childbirth, enabling you to recognise what you want from your birth experience.

Smaller classes sizes improve your opportunity to ask questions, get involved and develop a greater understanding of the topics presented. We see you as an individual, with different concerns, believes and feelings.  We respect your choices and support you through the often daunting path to becoming parents.   

Why Choose Childbirth Education Australia?

Together we have over 12 years of supporting couples at birth across Melbourne. We understand the challenges facing couples today planning to birth within the hospital system, both public and private.  We also have a firm grasp on the requirements for couples choosing to birth at home.

Childbirth Education Australia empowers you to make informed choices and gain confidence in you body's innate ability to give birth. Our classes support you and your partner to navigate through the overwhelming amount of conflicting information available today, taking the mystery out of having a baby.  

Why Choose Lamaze Certified Educators?

Lamaze is internationally recognised as the gold standard in childbirth education with 60 years of research and development in teaching and educating pregnant women and their partners.

 Lamaze upholds the notion that pregnancy and birth is a normal and natural life event.  A woman’s confidence and ability to give birth is either enhanced or diminished by her choice of care provider, or place of birth.

Birth satisfaction is heavily influenced by how a woman is respected and made to feel during pregnancy, labour and birth. Lamaze childbirth educations builds your confidence enabling you to have a voice in the decision making process. The experience of childbirth profoundly affects women and their families and their ability to parent throughout life.